[Antioxidant Mexidol premedication of patients with periodontitis during antihomotoxic therapy][Article in Russian]

Author: Larentsova LI//Maksimovskii IuM//Voronina TA//Grigorian KR
Conference/Journal: Stomatologiia (Mosk)
Date published: 2002
Other: Volume ID: 81 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 20-2 , Word Count: 179

The tranquilizing effect of antioxidant mexydol on 95 patients with chrconic generalized parodontitis against a background of various somatic diseases was evaluated. The anxiety and the efficiency of premedication were accessed according to Korach's and Spilberger's scales and according to the special psychological questionnaire. The quantitative characteristics of premedication were given baised on the psychological tests results. There was registered a definite improvement of health characteristics and of patient's mood in comparison to the initial input data as well as lower lever of their situational anxiety. This proves the tranquilizing effect of premedication with mexidol (5% amp.). The most evident dynamics of these changes can be observed among patients suffering from high initial anxiety level. The findings of the study are based on more than 2 year old history of treatment of 30 patients with traumel. 21 patients suffering from disfunction of the nervous system were given some comprehensive treatment (traumel locally orally and mexidol in injections). The clinical effect resulted in emotional stabilization of patients and reduced the time needed for their clinical treatment. The medicines were combined. No side effects were observed.