Development and inheritance of circulations of twelve jingmai

Author: Li Ding 1//Liu Qian 2//Zhang Qingli 3
Affiliation: Shanxi Medical College, China [1] //Magazine Agency of Qigong and Sports, China [2] //Shanxi Metallurgical School, China [3]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 225 , Word Count: 1778

We review the classical works, combining the clinical practice and Qigong exercise, propose some points in search for correction of colleagues.

1. The circulation of lung channel of hand taiyin
(1). The development of circulation
The channel comes from ZhongJiao, down to connect large intestine, back to the mouth Of stomach, upward to mediastinum, belonging to lung. It passes nose through throat, is distributed in tongue and goes to ears. It goes out below armpit from the lung system, to the inside of 'nao', down the middle of elbows along arm, Yuji, to the top of thumb. And its branch channel goes out from back of wrist of next finger to its tip.

(2). The developing foundation
(a). According to 'Lingshu', 'the sung gas can go to nose, when the lung is in normal state the nose van smell fragrance and stinking odour'. that is to Ray 'the nose is the lung aperture'.
(b). The lung, wind pipe and nose are in breathing system. They are not divided.
(c). In the light of clinical practice, the disease in nose can directly influence the ear function. The lung diseases say be detected from the tip nature of tongue and ear points.

2. The circulation of large intestine channel of hand yang sing
(1)The development of circulation
The meridian comes from the tip of index finger , along shanglian , elbow Wailian , naowai , upward to shoulders , to column bone . It is down to Quepei and connecting lung , belonging to large intestine. The gas flows though shangjuxu,the branch from Quepen , along neck , cheek to the middle of tooth goes out , clamping the mouth , runes across Renzhong , right to left Left to right , clamping nostrils , going through the nose , which 08 distributed in tongue and goes to ears and is associated with eyes.
(2)The developing foundation
In the light of clinical practice , Shangjuxu may be used to cure the large intestine diseases . It was recorded in 'Ling pivot' that the large intestine entered into juxu and Shanglian , thus It should be indicated that the large intestine meridian could pass shangjuxu .
The large intestine has a close relationship with mouth and nose . Yingxiang is a key point for treating nose diseases . Nose passage can arrive at eyes , ear pipe at ears , thus it is considered that the channel passes to tongue , ears and eyes.

3. The circulation of stomach channel of foot Yangming
(1)The development of circulation
The meridian of stomach begins from Renzhong , branches meridian of taiyang to Muneibi, takes over Jingming and connecting eyes down the outside of nose into the middle of upward tooth , are distributed in tongue and goes to ears, returns back to Shangguan surrounding lips, takes over Chengjiang, flows along checks downward, Daying, Jiache to the front of ears, passes by kezhuren, follows the edge of hairs to the forehead. The branch of it starts with the aperture of stomach, circulating down the abdomen and combined into one at groin, along Futu, the middle of knee joint, lateral margin, to the internal of middle toe, the branch goes separately at the margin down to the external of middle toe, the branch of it goes to the middle of first toe and out from it.
(2). The developing foundation.
The meridian of taiyang comes from Jingming point which is the key point to eye diseases, so we propose 'connection with eyes'. Yingxiang is the best point for the diseases, in the clinical practice nose, ear and eyes are related. We propose 'distribution in tongue, full of ears and connection with eyes'.

4. the circulation of spleen channel of foot taiyin
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian comes from the tip of first toe, along fore margion, knee, are divided into two branches at chong gate, the one goes into abdomen curving stomach, going to mouth sad connecting with ears, tongue, the other flows on the surface of body to dabao, the branch finally enters into heart.
(2). Developing foundation
Vital energy of spleen researches mouth, normal spleen can know five grains. The spleen has much to do understood from tongue's symptoms. Here two branches are proposed to transport vital energy clearly, one is in the internal and the other is on the external surface.

5. The circulation of heart channel of hand Shaoyin
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian starts with the centre of heart, belonging to the heart system and curving small intestine; the branch claps the mouth from heart and connects the eye system, arrives at the brain and puts out to ears, the branch flows from the throat to the mouth. Opens the tongue aperture. The branch repeatedly goes up the lung from heart, and down the axilla, back margion, elbow joint, out of the tip of small finger.
(2). the developing foundation
We-consider that the meridian 'goes up, the throat from consider that connects the eyes' system',arrives at the brain, devote it to ears; the branch flows upwards along the throat and claps the mouth, opens the tongue aperture according to the clinical practice.

6. The circulation of small intestine of hand taiyang
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian starts with the tip of small finger, along the outside of hand, shoulders, the internal of elbows, quepen, curving the heart, circulating the throat to the stomach, goes down and is collected at Xiajuxu, the branch flows from quepen, along the neck, the check, to the internal corner of eyes and to the ears. The branch stretches out the check, through nose to the eyes and forehead.
(2). The developing foundation
'Small intestine was an organ of digestion' which serves the function of drainage of the wasty and guiding of the light. In the clinical practice the Xiajuxu point was selected to cure the diseases in the digestive system. Therefore we propose that 'stall intestine goes on collecting at Juxu and the margion below.”

7. The circulation of cysts of foot taiyang
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian starts at muneibi, up the forehead, arriving at the head top. The branch goes to the corner of ears, into the brain and with ears. Furthermore it goes down the neck, circulates the shoulders surrounding the internal, claps the spinal column to loin, curving the kidney. The branch claps the spinal column down from loin to hip, finally flows along jinggu and to the outside of little toe.
(2). The developing foundation
In the clinical practice, ear points can be used to cure
aut etc. so we propose 'the connection with ears'

8. The circulation of Kidney channel of foot shorin
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian starts with the bottom of little toe, decline going to the- foot centre out of Rangu, follows behind the internal malleolus and into the heel, out of lateral magion, comes across Huiyin, the frontal branch out of Huiyin to the frontal yin, the back branch out of Huiyin to the anus, fulfills the vertebral column curving the bladder. The branch goes to liver from kidney into lung, circulation the throat and claps the tongue, opens the aperture of ear, the meridian's vital energy is distributed on the tongue. the branch enters into the chest from the lung.
(2). Developing foundation
The evidence of development are: the vital energy of kidney arrives at ears under the normal state we can hear sounds of kidney. in the clinical practice, if kidney spirits are not sufficient, lowering of auditory acuity and tinnitus due to kidney-asthenia and other diseases may occur. kidney diseases can be diagnosed from the tongue symptoms.

9. The circulation of envelop of heart channel of hand Jueyin.
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian starts from the chest, is connected with triple warmer. The branch rises from the envelop of heart, claps the pharynx, is associated with eyes into brain. The branch gets out of the flank along the chest to armpit, runs between taiyin and shaoyin, enters into the elbow, arrives at palm of the hand, out of the tip of middle finger, the other divides from the palm and out of the tip of little finger.
(2). Developing foundation
The envelop of heart is the surrounding of heart. Considered it to prevent heart from evils. In the clinical practice, the disease due to evils of the envelop of heart are the wind and spirit diseases, such as 'coma and delirium'. So the meridian should rise up to eyes and into the brain.

10. The circulation of triple warmer of hand shaoyang
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian comes from the tips of little finger and ring finger, follows along the wrist surface along elbows to shoulders, arrives at quepen, up the neck, is connected with the back of ear, to the ear corner and down checks. The branch enters into the center of ear from the back, goes out of ears and through kezhuren, across checks to eyes.
(2). The developing foundation
Triple warmer guides the fluent paths of vital energy, leads the warter paths of organs which are connected with the bladder closely. So we propose triple warmer belongs up, middle and lower triple warmer and it goes down and is connected with Weiyang.

11. The circulation of gall channel of foot Shaoyang.
(1). The development of circulation
The meridian starts with the eye, goes to the corner of head, down ears, to shoulders, into quepen. The branch goes from the back of ear to the front of it to the eye. The branch goes down Dating and into the south, is distributed in the tongue, flows down the chest and into the heart. It is connected with hand Shaoyang curving the liver. The straight branch stretues fro- quepen, down the chest, through ribs, arrives at the end of Juegu, between the little toe and the fourth toe. - The branch goes to the great toe.
(2). The developing foundation.
We propose that it goes after Daying and follows the mouth and is distributed in the tongue. Gall glide the judgment, heart guides the mind and spirit, they are related in physiological functions, 80 we also propose. 'Treatise of the entrance into heart'.

12. The circulation of liver channel of foot jueyin.
(1) We add it to the circulation of liver channel that '... the meridian is connected with eyes and goes to the brain ...' The branch follows down goes to the eyes system and is distributed in the side of tongue.'
(2). The developing foundation.
Here we combine the vision with the brain. In the clinical practice the depression of liver energy, flaming-up of the dominant liver fire and liver wind stirring inside will cause coma and delirium in the range of brain. 80 we propose what is mentioned above.
That liver energy is uncomfortable may cause the blood stasis seen from tongue's purple spot, so the meridian is distributed on the tongue's side.