Qigong and power practice

Author: Wang Quanding
Affiliation: Shanghai Huadong Technical University, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 217 , Word Count: 1010

Qi Gong practice is a most effective measure both to enhance the vitality and to develop the potentiality of human body fully by means of Mind Breathing and body-rebuilding exercises. Usually -it is after long-time practice of Qi Gong that an ordinary Qi Gong Master can develop an amazing skill to give Hard Qi Gong performances--the Herculean performances. Therefore; the successful attainment of Qi Gong mainly depends on the fact that we should first of all develop power.

In developing power, the author has been engage in. practicing power on purpose, using both the inhalation and the exhalation methods with the result that mind develops Qi Gong, and Qi Gong accelerates Power. Let's take the lying-position weight lifting for example. First of all, while-pressing upwards the weight bar in a lying-position, one should direct one's mind into the lower abdomen, at the same time, one is required to hold one's breath and keep one's waist straight. After all these; being done, the Qi Gong from the lower abdomen accordingly runs along the vein from the lower abdomen to the two pales through bosom by the aid of mind. By the time one lowers the weight bar, just let the Qi return to one' 8 lower abdomen under the guidance of Mind, in addition to this, intake the air and then relax one's muscles, in order to save one's energy for the next pressing of weightbar. After having practiced lying-position weight-lifting like this for half a year in my spare time, I found that the results are highly encouraging: I'm far more superior to another experimental young group in terms of power. As far as ago, weight, height are concerned, the university students, young and robust, by no means have any precedence over e in the matter of power though I'm 54 years old and rather tiny. All this demonstrates that to develop power by harnessing Qi Gong is of high efficiency and increasing powerfulness.

Why dose Qi Gong exert so fascinating influences on the development of power? As to this question, the ancient expert specialized in this field offered the following satisfactory explanation: The Power a Qi Gong Master possesses can even penetrate the steel wall. It's well known that as long as a person is always keeping up practicing Qi Gong, he (she) would be permeated with Qi Gong from head to fort, and more interesting, when Qi Gong circulates inside.the human body, It can also be adjusted and controlled by mind. The following examples can testify this phenomenon to readers. A Qi Gong Master call resist his throat being pierced with a steel-made spear, and spear, and he also can stand being run across his body by a big truck. Therefore, a convincing conclusion can be reached that Power manufactured by Qi Gong, that is immediately converted into a large amount of energy inside the body, can take place. And it stands to reason that the theory advocated by the ancient Wu Shu Masters that Mind usually develops Qi Gong, and Qi often accelerates the circulation of blood inside the body, consequently, the blood circulation can turn out Power, the theory of which is in congruence with that of the Ancient Chinese Medicine that is Qi is the essence of Blood and Blood is the foundamentality of Qi, is very tenable in accordance with medical science This is because Power resources result from the contractions of body muscles, meanwhile, the contractions of uscles are always dominated by Mind, and the circulation of flood is expedited by Qi Gong Besides, the metamorphosis of Qi Gong into Power heavily bases on the inner body nutritions, which is only accomplished by the circulation of blood Hence the conclusions can drawn from what is mentioned above as follows:

First, Qi Gong practice through consciousness guidance is capable of Raking a lot of improvements both on the functions of the central nervous system and on the abilities of self-control of nerve; which can obviously be found in quickening its conductivity, increasing its excitement, and aggrandizing its agility, furthermore, which paves the way for the outburst of Power in human body because or rapid muscle contractions generated by Qi Gong in which these is row doubt that the more rapidly the control of the nerve system of muscles contacts, the more enormous the Power outbreaks.

Secondly, if the potential power inner-Qi Gong inside the human body can effectively be made most or by Qi Gong, then this person will by all means be more powerful than the ordinary people without Qi Gong. This attributes to the fact that it's impossible to fully utilize the potential power someone possesses with no history of Qi Gong practice if he (she) intends t.o bring his Her) hidden power into full play with the aid of inner Qi Gong. As we know, the inner Qi Gong is a kind of potentially powerful substance, which is also a sort Of energy. As long as the inner Qi Gong departs from human body, it is rapidly changed into 'Extra-Qi Gong'. The experiments show that extra-Qi Gong Master is able to push down anybody standing far away from the Master, owing to importance of the deliverance of power through the air by using Extra Qi Gong.

Thirdly, a Qi Gong Master is always in a position of exercising all kinds of delirium and in a state of sangfroid in such a manner that she (she) is able to perform Qi Gong psychologically well which proves a great Kelp to store limitless power with an eye to using it in future. Provided that he (shed can concentrate his Her) mind. BesidesĀ±this, Qi Gong Master must be successful in circulating blood is the body in order to provide ^ substantial supply for producing .power. For examples when Qi Gong Masters demonstrate power on stages, it is generally found that they are in a state Of equability, and moreover they show no sign of fatigue on their face. This suffices to indicate that true Qi Gong is a good combination of equanimity and mightiness.