A broad prospective of Qigong’s cure for disease of the intestines

Author: Li Deyeng
Affiliation: The Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zuo Water County, Shanxi Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 203 , Word Count: 1205

Source & Feature
Trace to the source of the ancient medical books and documents on Qigong to find that early in the spring and Autumn warring states period, the ancient people had realized the way of using diversion to prevent and cure the and fistula and put the way into practice. The extant earliest medical classics 'the Emperor Inner channel General Extent' records:

Who has a long tine kidney disease can face to the south at yin time (the period of the day from three a.m. to five a.m.). Purity the mind and stop breathing for ten times. Stretching the neck swallow to smooth it as if swallow some kind of hard stuff. Thus ten times after, under the bait tongue, there comes plenty of saliva. (1). What of so called 'kidney disease'? 'The Record on Shen's Respect For Life' says: 'constipation is what is called 'kidney disease', classics says that the black northern water passes through the kidney and is straightened out at two yin (the feminine or negative principle in nature). The kidney controls the five kinds of body fluids. Rich saliva goes with regular shit.'

The devices of Qigong which are specialized in the cure Of the and fistulas came to birth in the period of Suitang period in Chaoyuanfang's 'the Analects of source symptoms of All kinds Of Disease' records five devices at that time. Here only take done one device.

Squat; join the two knees; stretch the two feet , no breath for twice, to cure five kinds of hemorrhoids.

In 'the secret summary of Health Protection' written by Caoyuanbai of Ming Dynasty, there also records there hemorrhoids diversion ways. Here is one of them.

After move, sit still; keep self-balanced and concentrate attention on the hemorrhoid; draw out nine mouthful four-turbid waters, then condense goodness and recite rules to move the anus and move the hemorrhoid up to a hundred times, move the waist for fourteen times, and coming on every day without delay. Thus the trouble will fade away.

'Nine in ten has the hemorrhoids', goes an ancient Chinese saying. The general survey data of the whole country shows that the percentage of coming-on anal intestines disease is 59.1X in China. It is a long-term work and an important task for the anal intestines disease study workers to explore and spread the cure way which is affective, easy to go and is pleasantly accepted by the patients. Beyond doubt, this Qigong's therapy is just the unique cure way which is 'No property of medicine and no harm'. It best reflects a new feature of the traditional Chinese medicine system. Which is 'the trinity of medical cares recuperation and preservation of health'.
Brief Account of Practice

The writer collect the relevant domestic cases which are classified as follows (briefly).

1. Hemorrhoids -(including internal and external hemorrhoids, and mixed hemorrhoid which all exist.)
2. Anal Fistula.
3. Anal Fissure.
4. Prolapse of the Rectum
5. Habitual Constipation ( including anal sinusitis rectitis and anal mastitis etc. )
6. Colon Carcinoma.
7. Carcinoma of the Rectum.
8. Colonitis (allergic and ulcerous colonitis).
9. the badly-healed wound after the operations on hemorrhoid and anal fistula.
10. The retention of urine after the operation on the anal intestines.
11. Postoperative Urinary Incontinence.
12. Postoperative Ache and Jenesmus at Anus, etc.

These varieties of Qigong to cure the anal intestines disease are he inner preservation Gong, the vitality protection Gong. Guoling's new air Gong, the empty energy Gong, the circle sky Gong , Copper Bell Gong, the five devices Mei Flower stack dissolving piles Gong, the standing stack Gong, Taiji Qigong the moving anus up to stomach Gong, the five birds play moving Gong; the fixing essence device (holding kidney and rubbing stomach ), the back to spring gong, the inner energy one-finger dhyana Gong, the big goose Gong, the strong-bodied device and so forth, totally move than twenty kinds of devices.

The hundreds of cure cases shows that Qigong's prevention and cure of anal intestines has the practicality and authenticity, brooking no intervention. To spread this way to heal the anal intestines disease has a fairly broad mass basis in China.

Preliminary Examination of The Mechanism
Why does Qigong have the feasible and reliable efficacy to the anal intestines disease ? At the basis of several years clinical experience Of the application of therapy, the writer apply the modern scientific methods, theories and achievements in scientific research to the mechanism to make an preliminary research., in the study of the anal intestines and study of Qigong. In order to cast a brick to attract jade, put forward some of my viewpoints.

I. The air sea acupoint, perineum acupoint, long strength acupoint and sky protruding acupoint are located on the moving path of the two arteries --- Wang and Du. They are verified their peculiar efficacy for hemorrhoids, anal fistula and prolapse of the anus such anal intestines disease in the past ages. At Qigong state, n the desired sensation n of these acupoints has move quantity and quantity than the acupuncture and moxibustion.

II. The stomachic breath and intentional holding the lower public region make the public region --- the large intestine--the anus set an excitant line , and that make the anal intestines which are distributed in Zhenqi get ' the advantage of being in a favored position.'

III The large intestine, the small intestine and bladders which are located in the abdominal cavity and tightly sticking to the deep lower public region arc the places where-the quantity of water is maximum of the whole body and they are the medium of nuclear ---- magnetism resonance ---- the hydrogen that they contain is also maximum. Therefore , the region is energy of absorbing magnetism resonance is the maximum and the effect is
also the strongest.

IV From my point , under the Qigong's functional stance, the large intestine can still change in some aspects.
1. The inner pressure of anus, rectum and colon tends to balance.
2. The anal gland's secretion increases and the anal villous themeda's ability of self-cleaning comes stronger.
3. The anus and pelvic sphincter's tension ameliorate.
4. The resilience of the Treifz muscle which cause the hemorrhoid strengthen.
5. The level of immunity raises. My Point of Improvement.

In the study of the a anal intestines, the writer put forward four points of views and suggestions on the clinical application and scientific research thus problems. The first, according to the emphasis of physical training and different effects, sort out and sum up the relevant Qigong devices in order for the patients beneficially , dialectically and precisely to choose. The second, hope for the field of the anal intestines' study to start a cooperative research. The third, spread that Qigong defeats the cancer of the large intestine. The fourth inquire to manufacture ' an anal intestines disease's Qigong informational medical instrument.

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