Electromagnetic field hypersensitivity, cancer, pre-cancer & abnormal pure (-) qi gong energy emission

Author: Omura Y
Affiliation: Yoshiaki Omura, M.D., Sc.D., F.A.C.A., F.I.C.A.E. Director of Medical Research, Heart Disease Research Foundation; President, International College of Acupuncture & Electro-therapeutics; Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Community & Preventive Medicine, New York Medical College; Visiting Research Prof., Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College; Prof., Dept. of Non-orthodox Medicine, Ukrainian National (former Kiev) Medical University; Former Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Pharmacology, Chicago Medical School.
Conference/Journal: 3rd International Symposium on the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test
Date published: 1997
Other: Word Count: 794

Within the past 10 years, the author found the close relationship between abnormal electromagnetic field (EMF) emitted from home environment, particularly in the bed, where each individual sleeps almost one third of the day. Repeated exposure to abnormal EMF for prolonged periods of time in a specific area of the body is often associated with the development of cancer or cardiovascular diseases, depending on which part of the body is exposed to EMF. When some individual lives in an environment where abnormal EMF surrounds homogeneously the entire bed or entire room, the patient seems to develop EMF hypersensitivity, particularly when heavy metal, such as Hg or Pb, as well as Al, are deposited in most parts of the body. These deposited metal function as micro-antennae and absorb environmetal EMF and create enhanced side effects of EMF. These people eventually become hypertensive to EMF more than people who do not live in such an environment, and as soon as the EMF is exposed to any normal person, microcirculatory disturbance is induced with subsequent appearance of Thromboxane B2 and decrease in Acethylcholine and increase in Oncogene C-fos Ab-2, P53 (Ab-5), Rb (Ab-8). If the frequency is very high, such as more than a few hundred megahertz, additional increase in Integrina5ß1 can also be induced. In pre-cancer and cancer cells, the author found 1) marked increase in Oncogene C-fos Ab-2; 2) marked increase in Integrina5ß1; 3) marked increase in Hg; 4) marked decrease or disappearance of Acethylcholine; 5) viral infection, as well as; 6) marked increase in Rb (Ab-8); 7) marked increase in p53 (Ab-5). Thus, if there is Hg in the vicinity of the exposed cells, almost all major factors required for genesis of pre-cancer or cancer are created by EMF. As a result, many of the people who develop cancer not only have EMF hypersensitivity, but have an excessive Hg deposit in their entire body or deposited in a localized area. When the polarity of the Qi energy is examined by the Bi-Digital O-Ring Test, in many of the EMF hypersensitive individuals, cancer, or pre-cancer patients, their entire hand loses their normal paired (+) and (-) polarity between the fingers and palm. The polarities of both the right and left hands often become abnormal, and the entire hand emits (-) Qi Gong energy. Often, some of the cancer, pre-cancer patients or EMF hypersensitive individuals emit (-) Qi Gong energy, which influences the effectiveness of drugs, making them ineffective if used by other individuals. If the same individual who emitted the (-) Qi Gong energy without any (+) polarity takes the medication, it is effective for that individual. However, for another individual the (-) Qi Gong energy influenced medication may or may not be effective. Also, if other individuals stay within 1 meter of the individual who emits strong (-) Qi energy only from every part of the hand, they will be negatively influenced unless they are grounded. However, in the normal individual, if the exposure time to the EMF is for example one hour, after discontinuation of these fields, the effect also remains for the next one hour. There is an exception with individuals who are hypersensitive to EMF, these effects far exceed the normal duration. As a result, the author developed a simple and relatively safe method of estimating the degree of EMF sensitivity by applying a 100 volts per meter 60 Hertz EMF to any part of the body for 1 minute. The EMF was then removed completely and the recovery time of Acethylcholine or the time required for the disappearance of EMF induced Oncogene C-fos Ab-2 was examined (or any other of the above described characteristic parameters) from marked reduction to normal. If the recovery time is exactly one minute, the individual is normal, but if it takes much longer than 1 minute, the individual is hypersensitive to EMF. The longer the recovery time of Acethylcholine or Oncogene C-fos Ab-2, the more hypersensitive the individual is to EMF. When there is no accurate EMF measuring device accessible another simple method, with potentially exaggerated results can be used. This method uses a common insulated extension cord which is plugged into a wall outlet, with no current flowing through the wire. This method can quickly and non-invasively test the subject for EMF hypersensitivity. The author detected EMF hypersensitive individuals by placing an insulated extension cord on the wrist for 30 to 60 seconds, which significantly higher than 100 volts per meter, 60 Hertz EMF. In EMF hypersensitive individuals the effect lasts longer than the exposure time after removing the wire, and may result in abnormal responses such as dizziness, nauseous, nervousness, termors, and/or develop cramps in the exposed parts of the body, sometimes even in the abdomen. It is important to detect EMF sensitive individuals before they develop pre-cancer or cancer and remove the source of the abnormal EMF from their environment.