Opening a new way of medical science of astronautics by qigong

Author: Zhang Rongtang
Affiliation: Inspection Dept of Hangzhou Railway Bureau, Hangzhou, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 159 , Word Count: 575

The medical science of astronautics is a kind of science which was initiated for manned astronautics. With increasing the development of manned astronautics, the medical science of astronautics is becoming more and more important and it is now a key link for developing the astronautics cause.

The main task of medical science of astronautics is to select and train the astronauts, so that the astronauts can suit the special environment to guarantee the fulfill astronautic flying and scientific research tasks.

At the time being the astronauts are selected mainly from the pilots who will be afterwards trained with 2 special equipment under special laboratory conditions for normally 3-4 years. Thus occur large investment and consumption amount and limited possibility for selection as well as. And in this case the astronauts can only be selected in a small scale.

In our country with the development of astronautics cause the Research Institute of Astronautics Medical Science Project has been built up to carry out the research work of ASMP including Qigong used for astronautics.

I my-self have done the simulated test of astronauts in the RIAMSP since 1986 and got successful results. The actual data of test made in Jan this year are:

Electric swing:
pendulum length 6 M
swing angle 22.5 C
time duration 16 minutes
front chamber function sensibility: 2 front chamber function is relative stable
Multi-function rotation chair:
accelerated speed from 10/s(exp2) to 180/s(exp2)
chair tilt 30 °C
time of the test 22 minutes (once per Second)
the result is:
front chamber function sensibility:
1 front chamber function is stable.

Above-mentioned figures are standard for astronauts of lst class. That means I've made the record firstly.

I was weak and often ill since my childhood. I've never done official physical training or been trained as astronaut. How can I pass successfully the astronaut test which is impossible to be bear by normal people? This owes to the Rotation Qigong created by me. The function of Rotation Qigong to astronauts has been confirmed by the research personnel of the institute.

The training the astronauts with Qigong can also have the following functions with exception of resistance of motion illness:

1. To keep the full working ability, feeling function, motion ability and brain nerve centre function in care of weightlessness
2. To keep the psychology balance and overcome excess excitement and depression (inhibition).
3. To cure illness caused by changing physiological resume.
4. To learn self-control and regulation of human body and cure methods which are very important for keeping healthy of the astronauts and fulfilling their tasks.
5. To learn “keeping the food away' test that makes longer filling distance and more carried people of the astronautic carriers. And in case of shortage in food the astronauts shall be able to wait by “keeping the food away' test until they will be given with food.

So the training astronauts with Qigong can be able to have more economical investment, consumption, cheap, faster resulted. It is able too to train with a larger amount of the people and to have the preparation of transmitting the inhabitants to the outerspace stars.

The aim of this article is not for denying the present method of training the astronauts. It is only for introducing the Qigong into medical science of astronautics that can be used parallel to the present method of training.

I have created Rotation Qigong and 'keeping the food way” test which will be surely a new way of training the astronauts and this will be the historian nature.