100 cases of neurogenic myophagism cured by Taihu qigong through correspondence

Author: Li Ming////
Affiliation: Chian Taihu Qigong Institute of Diagnosis and Treatment, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 157 , Word Count: 814

Last several decades, applying the Taihu Qigong therapy by correspondence to treating patients, we have cured 100 cases of neurogenic myophagism from provinces and cities throughout whole country or from abroad, who didn't recovered in spite of various treatments and voluntarily took Taihu Qigong therapy. Good curative effects have been obtained, total effective making up 91 percent of the total. This therapy is characteristic of scientific, economical, practical and definite in curative effect.

Methods of Treatment

I. Arts of Taibu Qigong : Among arts of Taihu Qigong, Bu Nao Yi Zhi Song Jing Sin Fa, directing strength through concentration along the line of 8, Chen Miao Zi Internal Qigong, Taihu Standing etc. are emphatically taught to patients.

II. Integrating Correspondence Teaching with Qigong study class and Diet Treatment: Our institute and hospitals cooperate to run a Qigong Correspondence teaching class and a Qigong study class all the year round, establishing a Sunday outpatient service by Qigong scholars and specialists. Qigong prescription should be complied strictly in the treatment course. We highly value one hundred-day’s radial Qigong drill and constant practice.

III. Adjustment of Regular Hours: Patients must keep and adjust their regular hours, drilling Tsihu Qigong to an appropriate extent.
IV. Qigong Prescription: Knack: The drilling time of the general treatment should be from the first month to the third month; the symptomatic treatment, from the fourth month to the sixth month (practicing by Taihu Qigong teaching materials); the unique treatment, from the tenth month to the twelfth month. A Taihu Qigong doctor muster these knacks.

V. Correspondence Materials: There are five books and lecture sheets, which are full of pictures or photographs, counting up from forty to sixty hundred thousands of letters, periodically sent by mail. We answered the various question that patients asked whenever necessary. he seek the curative outcome, that is; our patients should become a skillful doctor by correspondence teaching after they fell ill for long time.

VI. Application of Advanced Diagnosis and treatment skill: some of patients, who could skillfully drill Taihu Qigong, profoundly understood Faihu Qigong therapy and obtained an obvious Qi feeling, were treated by methods of 'the remote control and sense', 'the stress of consciousness', 'Qi instead of drugs” and “Consciousness instead of diagnosis'. We often introduced patients many advanced Qigong books and periodicals.

Extracts of Typical Cases

Case 1. Syringomyelia: Chang x x male, aged 22, from Shandong province, had suffered from arm myo-asthenia for four years as he pushed an object forward. Both hypothenars wilted, his little fingers crooked at ulnar side and deformed. Doctors of some hospital in Tsingtao and Zibo diagnosed his disease as neurogenic myophagism caused by syringomyelia (about cervical spinal cord level), which was not treated and worsened year by year. He almost lost his labour force except for doing some light work.

The result of physical examination showed that myophagism was obviously found in m. extensor digitorum communis, m. triangularis, m. biceps brachii and m. triceps brachii. After having drilled fixed arts of Taihu Qigong (Ma Mountain Gong, Internal Gong, Taihu standing etc.), one half year later, he found that his force of upper arms and fingers had obvious amelioration and could walk half of one Li (500 kilometers), and easily pushing a cart, which carried 100 kilograms weight of cargo. He, hereafter, drilled very conscientiously 2-3 hours each day, even 4 hours, eating an appropriate diet in accordance with Qigong books and sheets we mailed. One year later, his muscular force of arms and fingers were similar to normal. Now he still keeps on practicing Taihu Qigong appropriately.

Case 2. Progressive Myophagism: Yang x x , male, aged 20, from Hebei province, had suffered from progressive myophagism for ten years, which occurred in his early teens. He often fell over himself and symptoms of myophagism were aggravated year after year. His muscles of upper arms almost entirely wilted except for some forearm muscles, in the same way, of large legs worse than of small legs, his abdomen falling inward and his chest slightly outstanding backward. He became weak as a lath, staggeringly walking level land, even helping him up steps. He went to many hospitals to ask for treatment and taken many kinds of medicinal but to no avail. He adopted Taihu Qigong from then on, drilling on the basis of Qigong prescription. 3-6 months later, he obtained an obvious Qi feeling and his force of limbs made better, movement of limbs not being awkward, feeling of limbs also more sensitive than before. His symptoms of myophagism did not progressed and his weight increased after he kept on drilling Qigong confidently and absorbedly for a year. Three years later, his condition still was steady.

Appraisal of Curative Effects:

Patients must have confidence, decision, constancy and concentration, complying with a sheet of Qigong prescription each 3-6 months. The prescription effect is generally evaluated yearly. The total effective makes up 91 percent of the total (Cured, 22 cases; noticeable effective, 50 cases; effective, 19 cases )