Qigong breathing exercise results in rapid reduction of weight, more vigor and grace for 546 fat cases

Author: Li Yuxuan//Wang Shuren//Xu Guoxian
Affiliation: Dept of Breathing Exercise, Hospital Affliated to Changchun Traditional Chinese Medical College, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 126 , Word Count: 604

With the constant improvement of social material life and cultural life, the fat increase gradually. And hyperadiposis can cause such diseases, which bring with them sufferings and troubles, as hypertension, hyperlipemia, coronary heart diseases, fatty liver, diabetes sellitus, etc. In order to abate and release the fat's sufferings and troubles, applying the Chinese medical theory and modern medical principle, taking the advantages of the Qigong by Song Bai's, combining with instructions and practice of the Qigong, we have studied and compiled the methods and rules of the Qigong. Through systemic observation on curative effects upon 546 fat cases in clinical practice for sore than two years, we have proved that the effect of reducing weight is both convincing and exciting.

Of 546 cases in the group, 164 were male and 382 female; the age ranged from 11 to 64; most of them were working personnel in canteens, clerks, sitting long in an office, women after parturition and of climacterium and those during period of recovery from illness.

This Qigong is taught and exercise mainly in the form of a training course, the period lasting a week for each course. Both before and after exercise, one is required to observe the effects in the way of self-comparison and self-measurement. Curative effects are divided into four kinds as follows: 1. Specific Response, Reduction of weight reaches more than 3 kg a week, over 10 kg after three months and abdomen measurement is cut short by over 4 cm. 2. Effect Response. Body weight is reduced of sore than 2.5 kg, over 8 kg after three months and abdomen measurement is shortened over 3 cm. 3. Active Response. Body weight is cut down on over l kg, sore than 6 kg after three months. And abdomen measurement is shortened over 2 cm. 4. Inefficacy. Body weight and abdomen measurement remain the same both before and after exercising. Results and Treatment. Of the 546 cases, 202 (37X) were with specific reaction, 268 (49.8) with effectual reaction, 61 (11.2X) with active reaction, 15 (2.0%) with inefficacy and the sum total rate of efficacy reached 98%.

The statistics obtained from the observation on curative effects on 546 fat cases proves the sum total of effective rate reaches 98% and shows the curative effects of Qigong Resulting in Reduction of Weight and Being Vigorous and Graceful on reducing weight can be affirmed. Being fat mainly caused by endocrine imbalance, disturbance of metabolism, excessive appetite, taking large amounts of high-fat and high-sugar diets, insufficiency of exercise, thus, resulting in a large collection of fat in the body. Chinese medicine believes it is caused by dysfunction of the spleen and the stomach to transport and transform nutrients. According to the theory that the spleen has the function to nourish the muscles of the whole body, esp.. Those in abdomen and extremities, this kind of Qigong is to exhaust extra sugar gathered in the body in order to prevented it from being transformed into fat. And then it is combined with deep and long paradoxical respiration to improve the function of the lungs, accelerate the exchange between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and the burn of the fat and sugar, improve the function of regulation of neuroendocrine system to metabolism, promote lipometabolism. All the above done, reduction of weight must function, or work. To keep it up can not only change the fat body into a graceful one but can also make better or cure those diseases caused by hyperadiposis. This kind of Qigong is both simple and easy to be learned and exercised, limited neither by time nor places and with rapid reduction of weight and reliable effects but without any side effects. If it is can be popularized, it must be of benefit to millions and millions of fat persons.