Research on the infrared radiation under the qigong state

Author: Wang Yuwen//Wang Qiping//Li Xingjian
Affiliation: Laser and Infrared Applications Institute, Human Body Science Research Centre, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 34 , Word Count: 656

1. Introduction

Qigong is a precious cultural relics in our country. Qigong has both traditionary technique and theory that is summed up by our people passing through thousands years. It does not only improve healthy level of the Chinese people, but also increase medical level. Spreading qigong and research qigongology will be contributed to improve spirit civilization, moral culture and temperament level. Therefore, it is very important that research and analysis the mechanism, regular pattern and theory under the qigong state using science knowledge, theory and advanced experiment methods to open up the application of qigong to medicine, education, sports and industry et. al. Human body exists normal temperature which is caused by metabolism, biosynthesis and physiological reaction. So the skin temperature is normal or abnormal, which is a very sensitive signal for medicine and health.

AGA 780 thermovision is infrared imaging system equipped with microprocessors for data processing. It has real time, nonconstant, accurate characteristics to measure the skin temperature, and it has many advantages, for example: featuring fast, colour TV display of thermal image, digital image processing. Therefore, the thermovision can adapt to research the skin temperature distribution under the cadging state.

2. Experimental procedures and results

These series of experiments were conducted by using AGA 780 thermovision system. Qigongers conducted tests ranging from palm to face. Experimental results from more than hundred times tests indicated that the research may be achieved through monitoring characteristics of palm and face temperature distribution as measured by infrared thermography.

The two dimensional isothermal image of the palm, that was produced before and during the qigong state is shown. The grey step of the image shows the assignment to regions of temperature ranging from black (coldest temperature), to white (hottest temperature). From the thermograms one can also determine the peak temperature of the palm which is at the laogong point. The test shows that with increasing time the peak temperature of the laogong point was increased too. After doing qigong exercise in fifteen minutes. The test discovered that the thermal value was increased 0.8 IU, which means that the corresponding temperature was increased 0.9 degrees C on the laogong point of right palm. However for the same qigonger in fifteen minutes on the laogong point of left palm the thermal value was only increased 0.4 IU, so corresponding temperature was increased 0.6 degrees C. It is obvious that the infrared radiation was higher on the right than on the left. The result showed the qigong power may be different between right and left palm.

The peak temperature is shown at the jingling point. After qigong exercise for twenty minutes the thermal value was increased 0.6 IU, so corresponding temperature was increased 0.9 degrees C at the Jingming point. Meanwhile there was also increased 0.8IU and 0.8 degrees C at the chengjiang point and 0.4 IU, 0.5 degrees C at the shenting point. Infrared thermography can be used. to reveal the relationship between 'qi' and idea. The tests discovered that when qigonger was doing qigong exercise to the palm, he could control 'qi' with idea along meridian pass to different finger. The monitor of thermovision showed that at first 'qi' passed to zhongchong point with the idea, then passed to the ring or index finger, at last passed to the little finger or thumb. In twenty minutes increasing temperature was O.7 degrees C at the zhongchong point, 0.5 degrees C at the ring finger, 0.4 degrees C at the little finger and 0.35 degrees C at the thumb.

3. Analysis and discussion

Infrared thermovision can be used to monitor and research skin temperature distribution of human body during qigong exercise process.

The tests show that the change of skin temperature under the qigong state may be double direct, sometimes qigonger emitted infrared radiation and sometimes absorbed infrared radiation from surrounding.

Results indicated that preliminary dynamic relationship among 'qi,' idea and meridian exists.

The above discussions suggest that infrared thermovision may be an ideal instrument for research the change of infrared radiation under the qigong state.