Researching the efects of qigong and paranormal function with laser Raman shift instrument

Author: Luo Xin//Zu Nianlin//Zhen Zhaoquan//Gong Guanglin//Liu Fengzhen//Zhen Changquan//Chen Guocai//Du Zaihai//Liu Jian//Zhang Weixin//Li Chengzhi//Qian Huiguang//Xue Yinxi//Wang Yi//Yu Bo//Wang Shuangfu//Han Xiang//Yang Chengli//Yi Xiang//Yao Zhangyuan//He Yanggang
Affiliation: Yuannan University, Yuannan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 27 , Word Count: 620

Interactions of human body's radiation and water are always involved in the course of researching qigong and paranormal function playing a part in living beings.. Considerable curative effects have been obtained by some qigong experts and paranormal functioners giving their vital energy to the water after testing for many years. It seemed to be painless and bloodless when giving vital energy to the water which was sprayed on an operation scalpel during a paranormal surgery. The experiment of prompt changing the smell of cigarette and alcohol had also been taken. In order to find out the real effects of qigong or paranormal functions state on water, Raman Shift instrument, which we chose to test water, has been considered to be an efficient measurement and important instrument for testing and studying molecular constructure and molecular vibration. The type of laser Raman Shift instrument used in the experiment is Spex 14C3 owned by experimental centre of Yunnan University.

The exact specifications are as follow:

Stray light: at the point of delta 20 cm^-1, Preferential: 10^-14
Chromatic dispersion: at the point of 514.5 nm; 10 cm^-1/mm
Resolving power: 0.15 cm^-1; Wave precision: ±1 cm^-1.
Repeated precision: ±0.2 cm^-1
Spectrum of out range: 5-4000 cm^-1

To eliminate the differences among the areas, long testing for background spectrum had been made with distilled water. At the moment of testing, qigong experts who were instructed to stay in a certain house gave their vital energy for 3-10 minutes. Those who were appointed to check the performance were prevented strictly from touching the testing cup. Anthers were assigned to be ready in the position to send water immediately to Raman Shift room for analyzing. Total twenty performances had been taken by eleven experts. The results indicate that the Spectrums of testing water were changed obviously. At the point of (3-3.5) *10 cm, the intensity was increased rapidly. The amount of change differed from methods of Qigong experts taken. Among the experiments, the maximum of change was increased by seven times. Comparison with qigong experts, experiment made by normal people showed that spectrum appeared to be no any change at all. Several experiments were taken before the conclusion was made that the value of curve obtained from the water in which vital energy had been given was declined rapidly along with the increase of time. The value of curve was a 1/2 decrease as compared with the first measuring in about half an hour. Later, decrease become slowly analogues to that of index. Through such testing, the conclusions were shown as follow: (1) It is proved again that human body could remit a certain paranormal radiation when he or she in the state of qigong or paranormal function. (2) It is universal that human body's radiation in the state of qigong or paranormal function could undoubted affect water no matter what kinds of methods taken by qigong experts. (3) In the certain range of intensity, the change of Raman Shift caused by human body's radiation always decreases along with the increase of time. This formed a delightful contrast with the measurements, which were made respectively by Yunnan University and Szechuan University, of diode breakdown - restore - monocrystalline silicon orientate microcrystalline siliconmonocrystal. (4) From the year of 1981 to 1984, the researches on the effects of human body's paranormal radiation concerning about the germination of seeds had been made. Within ten minutes the germination began and the radiate of seeds emerged apparently. The difference compared with other's experiment was that the seeds were steeped in water so as to strengthen vibration and make the seeds germinated rapidly. Similarly, the effects of human body's radiation on water might be foundation of curing disease and biological functions due to the importance of water to the living phenomena.