Role of qigong combined with chinese medicine in the development of intelligence

Author: Zhang Hanqing
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 147 , Word Count: 375

The physiological condition of the brain (dredge of channels and collaterals, abundance of Qi and blood) and learning practice decide the birth and development of intelligence. The following is my research on its physiological mechanism.

Intelligence's Physiological Mechanism:

A child is capable of learning when the essence of cerebral cortex (mainly kidney Qi) is abundant enough. Moreover, the extent of Qi from the Chong Channel to cortex also inhibits the development of the brain. According to tradition the Chong Channel travels to eyes. Actually, it travels from the eyes to temples, forehead and finally to cerebral cortex, then works together with Qi of the Kidney Channel to control the brain's physiological function.

Thinking Ability:

Science of channels and collterals points out that the Kidney Channel travels from the kidney to lung, throat and to the sides of the tongue root. Actually, the channel is divided into two which continue to the cerebral cortex and around which thought center is formed. Thinking ability is strengthened when Qi and blood of the center are abundant. With the increase of thinking activity, a light circle is developed in central zone. The intelligence is reflected by the number of circles.


Memory zone is located in the cerebral cortex. Memory won't be better developed until the Kidney Channel travels through the spine and the Liver Channel reaches the cortex. When Qi of the two channels are abundant, memory is strong. The more of memory zone is developed, the larger capacity the memory has.

Research Method:

Based on the diagnosis of Chinese medical theory, physical response and inner inspection, illness is treated with emitted Qi in combination with Chinese medicine. Qigong has advantages in understanding body function with strong entirety and complex mechanism, I have examined feeblemindedness sufferers, compared their intelligence with that of people of their age, analyzed mechanism, treated them and summarized experience. After repetitious practice and thinking, I developed my partial understanding of intelligence to an overall one from superficiality to mechanism.

Long time practice indicates Qigong combined with Chinese medicine is an important way to develop intelligence. It plays a special role in the research of the brain and Chinese medicine, and reasonable administration of drugs and Qigong have special effects on the development of brain.