Development of medical care products and qigong

Author: Yang Daqing
Affiliation: 377, Minzhu Rd. Wuchang, Wuhan, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 145-146 , Word Count: 379

The prescription and manufacture of medical care products should firstly follow the basic principle of traditional Chinese medicine, and secondly, accord with the basic law of yin and yang transformation and natural movement in the universe. Such a principle and law is called Dao (the basic law in the natural world). The course in which Dao is taken in is considered as the state of Qigong. A practitioner reaches the Qigong state with consciousness and sense perception, while a non-practitioner arrives at the state without any consciousness.

What is Dao? Yin and Yang are Dao of the heaven and earth, that is, to consider the transformation of yin and yang into each other as the basic law in the universe. All matters on earth contain yin and yang, so do the structure and regular patterns of their movement. The prescription and manufacture of medical care products, like anything else, have the aspect of yin and yang. Therefore, a product which quality tallies with its Dao, will become a wonder with miraculous effect permanently.

Products available now are as follows:

1. Yang's Koufu Ye (Yangshi oral liquid)
2. Yang's Yangxin Cha (Tea for nourishment of the heart)
3. Yang's Lixue Kang Jiaonang (for eliminating the stagnancy and activating the blood)
Yang's Xiaozheng Jiaonang (for subduing swelling and dissolving lumps)
Yang's Yigan Jiaonang (for treating disease of hepatitis B)
Yang's Jiangya Tieji (a piece of medicated plaster for decreasing blood pressure)
Yang's Jiangtang Tieji (a piece of medicated plaster for reducing blood sugar)
Yang's Chushi Fen (medicated power for removing dampness)

The prescription of those products is in line with the basic principle of traditional Chinese medicine, and in Line with combination of yin and yang as well. The first and second products can be used with any of the other six products, which seems to accord with a big combination of yin and yang.

The last six products are aimed at attacking diseases, while the first two aimed at defense, that is, to regulate the function of each internal organ of the body. Through experiments and clinical examination, it is preliminarily believed that the above products, which might be used to treat leukemia, tumor, hepatitis B, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension and dermatosis, can produce an instant and curative result without any side effect.