On qi acupuncture

Author: Xu Junjie
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 141 , Word Count: 359

The successor of Daoism Ma Danyang in the Song Dynasty discovered that twelve head acupoints could cure all diseases in the human body. The mystery is mind focusing and the essence is the combination of acupuncture and Qigong.

Acupuncture: The author thinks we'd better use a needle without sharp point, and it does not go into the acupoint. It is an electroletic round copper bar, the diameters of which is 8mm and the length is 12cm. The head of the needle is of lead, its length is about 6 to 8mm and diameter is about 3 to 4mm, and it is dull and smooth. It is often used to touch acupoints. The other end can be the shape of a semi-ball with the same diameter. It is often used to press and rub acupoints.

After many years' practice, acupuncture is proved to be very effective, especially to direct Qi to channels, and is very safe.

Sense of Needling: By using needling combined with pressure and Qigong to the acupoints, it has the following sense. Needling can cause acupuncture sensation. The feeling depends on different patients.

With the thumb, index finger and middle finger holding the needle, the tips of the three fingers are in the same direction as the tip of the needle, the end of the needle is between the thumb and index finger on the surface of the palm or at Laogong (PC 8). The author holds acupuncture is that the person who exerts needling adjusts the patients' potential by bioelectric current released by himself.

Cautions: The patients should have a short rest or relaxed so that their Qi and blood are mild, their muscles are flaccid, and their nerves are at ease. Explain first to the patients who are not familiar to acupuncture so that they are not so nervous. For women who are in gestational period, the needling should be gentle and slow.

To acupoints which have strong response, pressure can't be too strong , and the tip of needle can't move. Needling is very effective on lowering blood pressure, so we should be very cautious to patients with hypertension and cerebral thrombosis. Take blood pressure to avoid apoplexy.