An preliminary exploration into the mechanism of drug cessation by pangu qigong

Author: Ou Wenwei//Li Ming
Affiliation: Qigong Institute, Zhuangzhou, University, Zhuangzhou, China
Conference/Journal: 4th World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 138-139 , Word Count: 389


Two groups were divided. Drug Cessation by Qigong - Group 1 and Drug Cessation by Routine Method - Group 2.

Group 1 did not take medicaments and only depended on Qigong
self-training. At first the addictive narcotics were unwilling to accept it, but several days later their physical condition and result of urine test were all superior to that of Group 2.


Short Duration: The two groups had urine test on the first day of admission, and on the 3rd day test was carried out daily. The result showed that 70% of the urine of Group 1 presented negative on the 3rd day and on the 6th day 100% turned to negative. The urine of Group 2 did not show negative on the 3rd day, and on the 6th day, only 42% turned to negative. It indicates that the duration of drug cessation of Group 1 is shorter than that of Group 2.

Improving Sleep: According to medical statistics, 66.9% of the narcotics who had kept eyes open over night could sleep for over 5 hours. But in Group 2 it was only 7.6%. It illustrates that the nervous function of Group 1 is adjusted, and insomnia is removed.

Improving the Mental Condition: In former time the two groups all had suffered from worry, tenseness, desire for drugs and lack of self-care. The conditions disappeared in three days in Group 1, and signs were removed. They had quicker reaction. However, for Group 2 it took at least 7 to 8 days to get the result. In addition they presented lassitude, slow reaction and unwilling to walk.

Relieving symptoms: All the narcotics had suffered from tears running, sweating, nose running, salivation, yawning, weakness, chills and muscular pain. All of the symptoms disappeared in three days after Qigong exercises, but Group 2 took about 5 to 7 days. For Group 1, nausea, vomiting, accelerated respiration and pulse beat, hypertension were controlled in 5 days, but it took 7 to 10 days for Group 2.

Mechanism of Drug Cessation: Qigong masters emitted their Qi to the narcotics to supply more energy to them. The external energy can break the combining power of the exogenous opium and human cells, and expel them out of the body. Thus the physiological balance is restored. The addictive narcotics can receive the energy from the universe after Qigong exercises to regulate their physiological function.

Urine Test Results of the Drug Cessation: Persons in Group, tested negative on the 3rd, 6th and 15th day.