The Changes Of Bone Mineral Content, Serum Calcium, Deficiency Symptoms Of The Kidney, Salivary Testosterone And Cortisol Before And After One Period Of Practicing Yuzhenbuyuan Qi-Gong Exercise

Author: Liu X
Affiliation: Chinese Wushu Association, Beijing, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 44 , Word Count: 138

Yuzhenbuyuan Qigong Exercise, by its name is a Qigong exercise that cultivates and nourishes the vital qi in the human body. The Canon of Medicine says, 'If the vital qi is abundant in the human body, the pathogenic factors cannot invade.' This Qigong exercise can nourish the essence of the human body, strengthen the kidney energy and prevent other diseases.

This project aims at observing, analyzing and studying the subjects' changes of indexes which are closely related with geriatric diseases before and after practicing a period of this Qigong exercise. The results will prove the healthcare and anti-degenerating effect of this Qigong exercise.

The Indexes that are measured are:
a. Bone mineral content (BMC/BW)
b. Content of Serum Calcium
c. Content of salivary testosterone.
d. Content of Salivary cortisol
e. 7 indices of degenerating symptoms in TCM.