Introducing Thammavong Kung Fu/Qigong

Author: Kuehne A
Affiliation: Thammavong Kung Fu/Qigong School, Neustrelitz, Germany
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 43 , Word Count: 218

This presentation will introduce the Thammavong Kung Fu/Qigong as a way of life, for development healing and protection of mind and body. It will give a short view to the philosophy, the way and contents of that school.

You will see the different entries, for individual needs, but the same nature and sense.

Therefore the help of overhead projections will show it, the mental and theoretical approach to the specific techniques and exercises. So there will be the, four questions, as a first mental work, basic for the exercises and developments. Various persons will show it.

A key to the Thammavong Kung Fu/Qigong is a specific way of centering the self. An interactive exercise will explain the idea.

To introduce some further ways of that style, there will be slides to be seen, of the work at the school in Germany and especially the outdoor and cold-water exercises.

For examples of results there will be five cases introduced. Two of these will be shown more detail. That will be the case of a male with a long year lung-emphysema and the case of female with liver-cancer and spinal cancer. There will be again slides to be seen on this cases. The presentation will include the possibility to try the Thammavong pushing exercise and the four-regulation exercise.