Qigong Trance and Exercise Development

Author: Goris R
Affiliation: Yin Yang Center for interc. health technology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Congress Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 40 , Word Count: 178

Objective: To examine the relationship between trance state, spontaneous movement phenomena as a result of Qigong exercise or inducement, and the actual development of Qi power and Qi control. Students of Qigong often show signs of spontaneous movement phenomena, which have been, generated either by stance holding, movement combined with concentration, or by induction of the teacher. Many teachers differ in their ideas about the importance of the phenomena. Some even dislike it or try to suppress it in their students. But what is the origin of these movement phenomena, what do they mean, how can they be regulated, or how and when can a person benefit of the phenomenon7 Since I first encountered it, I was intrigued and tried to find answers. For six years I have experimented with it and gathered data from stories and rumors, of which some were most superstitious. In ancient texts I have found several remarks about it and the import it was given.

In the lecture I give an overview of this research and some conclusions I feel compelled to make.