Qigong Therapy Improves Patients' Biofields

Author: Rubik B
Affiliation: Institute for Frontier Science, Emeryville, California
Conference/Journal: Whole Person Health Summit, 2nd Qigong Summit
Date published: 2005
Other: Pages: 62 , Word Count: 139

Qigong therapy (external qi treatment) was performed on 20 adult patients by a qigong medical doctor, Dr Zhang Yong Xiang, President of the Qigong Integrated Medical Hospital of Tokyo, at a health retreat in Maui, in July 2004. We assessed each patient's biofield before and after Qigong therapy (30-45 min group treatment) using the GDV (gas discharge visualization) camera, a form of high voltage electrophotography. Light emission from all 10 fingers of each subject, pro-post treatment, was measured. Various parameters of finger corona discharge patterns were calculated and compared, including area, density, fractality, and brightness, and left- and right-hand finger averages. Results show that the density and area of the light emission increased on the average. Right-left energy balance also improved. Results indicate that patient biofields are larger, smoother, and more symmetrical after treatment-similar to those obtained on adults after qigong self-practice.