Indian yogic pranayam and Chinese qigong, a comparative study and its application in treatment of asthma

Author: Ramaiah SAA
Affiliation: Babaji Yoga Holistic Hospital, Athanoor, India, Arizona Western College, USA [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 153 , Word Count: 492

Sudarsana -- Qigong treatment, is based on my experiments and studies concerning Indian Qigong-Yoga in different forms. It is most effective in a combination of Bhakti-Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine.
The qigong treatment I use is very easy to practise, although it has to be done properly both in technical ways and in the right mood of the patient and therapeutist.
In theory this treatment appears to be very difficult. But in right circumstances it is easy.

I use references, proofs to motivate my treatment from many directions. Here I will take up five of them.
1. Ayurveda, an Indian way to see the energy of a human being in big spiral-formed wheels, the Ayurvedic medicines are herbs with a living spiral energy.
2. Traditional Chinese medicine, with its yin/yang, five elements, diagnostics of eyes, tongue, 13 zang/fu pulses and 28 symptoms of the pulses, asking, listening, looking, palpation and observing the smell of the patient.
3. From the Western medicine I use anatomy, neurology and psychology and the function of the internal-secretion organs. I also use the nursing science in my treatment.
4. Free studies by using available books about the function of the brain, the differences of the right and left hemisphere.
5. Through studies of the book Spiraali-Ympyra I have found proofs for my hypothesis, that anti-clockwise spiral treatment is materializing the energy in the body. The clockwise treatment relieves the body from muscle pains and contractions. Sudarsana qigong treatment is a way to adjust the internal strength in a human being and also is of high scientific value.

I divide my treatment into three sections:
1. the analytical phase
2. the technical performance
3. the Indian qigong phase
I consider that I and my students can turn a disturbing antisocial person to a social one and that we can get the optimum health to an individual by an average of 2-3 treatments.
The following diseases have been cured by activating the self-healing system, such as glaucoma, pus running from the ears for 28 years, general neuralgia, headache and so on.

The patient before the first treatment The patient was often bloated, talked too much with many other complaints. During the first treatment most patients could not relax very nicely. Moxibustion is usually applied to the acupoints, warming or sometimes burning the acupoints. After and during the second treatment, the patients started trusting in the therapeutist and mostly had been recovered after that. After the third treatment, the patients felt deeper and deeper relaxation. Remembrance had become better.
The patients should keep good living habits and have to balance the time between work and rest and have to do systematical home-exercises properly taught by the therapeutist. More and more foreigners are interested in it.
When my students follow seriously a clean way of living then they can get optimum results in their treatments.
Women’s energy is the best in healing because a woman is of earth-power, and when the body is touched, she works with earth.